Join our wine club!

A great way to explore the power and elegance of Mind’s Eye wines on a regular, discounted basis is to join a Mind’s Eye wine club.  It’s free to join!

The New Vintage Club

As a member of the New Vintage Club, you’ll receive, on an annual basis, a one-time shipment in October of our current releases from Mind’s Eye.  The wines will be discounted 20% and shipped directly to you.  Thus, for each vintage, you’ll receive:

  • one bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon
  • one bottle of Proprietary Red Wine
  • one bottle of Pinot Noir
  • one bottle of Chardonnay   

(If you would prefer two bottles of each wine, please check here)

It’s Free to Join!

There is no fee to join the club.  Your credit card will be billed for the wine and any applicable tax and shipping charges only at the time that the wines are shipped.  You may withdraw from the club at any time without cost or obligation. 

A Mind’s Eye wine club is the ultimate in convenience and a great way to save!

Join Now and Unlock the Mystery!


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